Friday, December 31, 2010


This is one of the last Christmas cards I have to get through - I put wish as the sentiment - I wish for a lot of things this New Years Eve!  I wish for the typical stuff - peace, love happiness, and health.  Without health, happiness and belief in a higher being!  Whatever your person is - believe with all your heart! 

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

This is the digi from Designed to Delight-I didn't make it in time for last challenge - so I thought - I'm going to submit it for this week!  I loved this image - I combined it with another sketch challenge over at Tuesday Morning Sketches.  The coloring is fun - it should be cardinals but they are purple jays instead!  I don't think there are purple jays in the real world!!  It's all cool - they are in my world!!  Tee Hee!

Thanks for the Kleenex!!

Thanks for the Kleenex he's saying - I also used all scraps (except the card base).  I went to the scrap file and I can't even remember what these were from - the background which is floral is old, old paper I got on clearance probably 5-10 years ago - so who knows the brand, the orange, not so old - but all scraps!!  I like it - I love using them - it makes me feel less like a "Craft Hoarder".  Ok - I know a lot of you ladies do the same thing - if it looks like we can cut something out of it - it goes in the file!!  I've thrown a scrap away and rethought it and got it back out - Yikes!!! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catch the Wave!

This is the cutest little monkey!!  He's discovered the new year and has made a declaration.  This year was good but I sure could use a great year!  I just started a new business and survived my first year!  Let's keep charging ahead - Thanks to Bugaboo stamps for the digi!  I love him and his "set".  Go to Bugaboo stamps and check them out!!  Happy New Year!!

Ribbons and Lace!

I just think Whoopsi has the cutest digis!  You get 4 on a sheet and I love 'em all!  This was a challenge of lace and pins!  I decided to do ribbons and lace - they just go together so well.  I added some beads on my pin and a bow on top.  I did some faux stitching and Copics coloring - pretty simple but I just love it!!  Thanks for popping in!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turtle Jam!

A little help from his friends and he'll be just fine.  We all find ourselves in a bit of a predicament - no one can do it all.  This little turtle is still smiling cause his buddy is coming to help him out and the flowers are the one that sent the s.o.s.!!  Funny stuff.  I used DCWV spring stack.  I just love the value - I know, I know - I've said it before.  Well, love the cart!  It is definitely on the top of my fav list!  Thanks for stopping by and hey mom look - no Copics!

Happy New Year to my BFF!!

This card is going to my oldest and dearest friend.  Hey Valerie!! I saw this little girl and instantly thought of Val.  We've been friends since I was 10 and we moved into the neighborhood.  We have seen a lot of mischief and promised each other not to tell each others kids.   Our lives are so parallelled it's uncany!!  Well, on to the card.  The image is VN Digital Art - I love her digis! I combined Martha Stewart punches along with my cricut, and threw in the Creative memories cutting system.  Man - with all the manual systems I bot - I still use that - in fact, I still have my original blades.  I have new ones but continue to use the old ones - that's 10 years!  So, thanks for listening to me rattle on and on!!  It's that time of year!  Take care - let's hope for a great year! 

Sparkle Baby Sparkle!!

Sparkle Time Baby!!  I love this stamp - funny - I don't use a lot of rubber stamps - I love em - just lately haven't been using them.  I loved the sketch from Crafting with DeeDee's Digis.  I did print out a bunch of her digis - just trying to get through once I've already stamped - Still trying to knock out the Xmas cards as long as I'm on a roll.  I have maybe 6or 7 more.  This was a real cute sketch - I used a little of everything - it's a 5 x 5 in card.  I like using the different sizes/shapes - I just get in a rut sometimes!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas still!?!?!?

This is my adaptation of the Card Sketch on Card Patterns.  I wanted to add a little interest - I'm trying to continue to use the digis I have printed.  I did break down and print some today - no Christmas .... other "stuff" events, etc.  This little digi is from Whoopsi Daisy - when I first started using her digis - I was hesitant - but i've fallen in love with them.  They are so reasonably priced also!!! They even have a two-fer right now til the end of the month!

Pixie Dust Christmas!

Ok - I actually changed this little Pixie into a Christmas card.  the little girl is too cute- I love her- I added red and green - I'm so getting a jump on next year!  I love the sketch and love the image.  I'm still making Christmas cards - trying to switch gears - haven't yet - hang in there - we'll soon be on to Valentines???  Birthdays????  hmmmmm....

Monday, December 27, 2010


My thought behind the sentiment is "dream" - dream of a better and brighter tomorrow!  I liked the image and that's what it reminded me of - the yellow ribbon - please come home!  This is for a challenge for 2 Sisters!  They are sending them to a hospital so I gotta' get this in the mail to them to take to the volunteers to use.  What an awesome idea!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year's Baby!

Auld Lang Syne is what I think of when I think of the new Years- This song is so traditional at that time.  This little baby is from Tiddlyinks!!  I dressed him up with a black and white polka dot tie. The mini pearls are Recollections pearls - I love them in a row - just peel them and put them down - Quick and Easy!  The music notes are the music - I thought he was too cute- I love the digi and Tiddly Inks gave it away as a freebie last week - a Christmas Gift!!  fun, huh?

It's Mouse Time!!

I'm still at the Christmas Cards - I promise to get through them this week - but hey!!  Won't you join me and get a jump on next year!!  It seems less pressure now to do them.  I'm just gonna do the ones I've already printed - not doing any new printing of digis!  This was a fancy fold challenge -so I combined it with a sketch - voila!!  I love the blue/black combos.  It's one of my favorite combos - it was my high school colors - Go Colts!!


Let it Snow!!  As long as the snow comes - the skiing and sledding is right behind!  As a matter of fact, the little one is up skiing right now!  It's not a cheap sport - so - she's there and I'm not - as a matter of fact, she's using my skis!  You know they're growing up - when they use "your stuff"!   This is a digi from WhoopsiDaisy.  He's cute, eh??  Well, it was fun to color- simple and used a bunch of scraps!!  The cuttlebugged red has a big circle out of the middle!  Tee hee! 

I believe, I believe...I believe

Ok - starting the Christmas cards for next year - I WILL have a jump on them!!  This year is going to be different - HA! HA!  This is a cute little mouse from digi doodle shop.  I have a bunch of digis already printed and I am gonna get through them!  I want to make the cards for next year also.  So...maybe if I do a little at a time especially the ones I already printed - I'll get the majority of them done by next December!!  Thanks for popping by -

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Beginnings!

New Beginnings - reminds me of the new Season, the new year, the new crop - it's like the tradition I told you about throwing out the water - so your pot is empty = I believe the new year is a chance to start a new season.  I hope your holiday is merry and bright and let's finish this year out with a bang!

Yummy Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Made a box (which I've done lots of) for a friend and filled it with cookies - This is a bugaboo challenge - this guy is a recipe for disaster but the cookies will make it all better!  I used some bling - a couple of turns, etc.  Fun but simple - I'm in love with making boxes!!!  Now back to wrapping gifts!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rock on!!

I think she rocks out!  I used a MS punch on the bottom for my distressing as stress cracks!  A bit of a stretch but works for me!!  I like her - I used a bunch of my Sakura glitter pen on her but you can't see it - love the embellishments, etc etc.  I think she's fun - and definitely ready for a change from Xmas cards!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year -
DZ Doodles Style!!  I love the sketch - love the new years bear!!  I used a little Nesties for the mats, a little Martha for the border and random ribbon.  DCWV came to the rescue for the paper- notice the card base - it's a set I bot some time ago on clearance - wasn't sure i'd use the new years - but - here we are!!  Fun stuff - I think he's cute as can be!!   I'll tell ya' about a tradition we have on New Years - We throw out a pot of water at the stroke of 12.  That signifies all the bad stuff of the year and leaves your pot empty to welcome in the new good times for the upcoming year!!  Silly, huh??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tag it!

Does the kitty look naughty or nice - he looks like he's been into something besides the ornament.  I thought he was cute and loved coloring him.  I'm a designer with DZ Doodles and I think her digis are fun and cute!  This is one of hers - I used some ribbon (scrap pieces laying around) and cuttlebugged the cricut cut tag!  Too cute -

Get Well!!!

Pixie Dust little girl - She's all dressed in blue - it's definitely a monochromatic card.  Blues - love the simplicity - love the sketch.  Hope you enjoy - i'm sure i'll find someone to send this too- kept it simple - a little bling - always some bling, eh??  The get well is on SU punches oval - copics - all blue with the exception of the fur n hair.  Nesties are my mats - DCWV paper!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Gingerbread!!

Teal, Brown and Green - I thought I'd use the colors to go with these little gingerbread guys from Just Because Cards and Peachy Keen faces. Oh, a little cuttlebug, MS loops border punch!!  I love making bags and boxes for holidays - I find it's fun to give something out of the ordinary - I know it means a lot to me - I'm thinking it does to others also!!  A little $1 stamp holiday, $1 bin felt ribbon and SU label punch.  Fun - some bling, and we're ready to stuff with a present, candy, cookies -- whatever!

It's Snowin!!

Snowin - I used the flurry paper and some glitter to assimilate snow- I love these little snow fairies decorating the tree - Simple but love the deails of the Tiddlyinks digi.  I'm happy to keep making the xmas cards - I'm determined to be  done long before xmas next year- ok - who's up for the challenge???  How many can we have done by summer!

White Christmas

I love it when a challenge really pushes you!!  I'm so not a monochromatic crafter.  At home I can do it - my living is monochromatic browns.  Crafting - it's out of my comfort zone.  I like this one - what I looked for was texture - I can use some slight color on the digi so I chose to use the 00's on the Copics - B00, G00, R00, YR00 - a little glitter glue and I like it!!  Oh - my cuttlebug and SK Success punch!


Family - this is definitely what the holiday is about - Since I lost my father - the grandma/grandpa pages are so precious!  This is the negative of the cuts - I usually try to cut these type of things on my cricut - I scrap for 3 kids of my own (2 grown) and my nieces and nephew - one year a piece as a gift!  These are sentimental pages for me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little Wreath of Love

Ok - you are so not gonna believe this!!  All the boxes I've made are gone - I actually need a few more so I figured I'd made some more with my challenges in mind.  This is a cricut cut for the Bitten by the Bug challenge- I love the All That Scraps girl with her wreath - I thought they looked cute together - a ribbon and another box ready to go.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This little Piggy Went to ....The Emmys!!  She's all dressed up - I guess you can put lipstick on that pig!!  My sister is law is so into pigs for a zillion years and I saw this (by the way she's as skinny as a rail!) and thought of her!!  So - her birthday's in January - I'm ready- gonna make her a necklace or a little something and we're off and runnning!!  I did the 3 birds with one stone - challenge baby challenge!!!

A Tag - let's get them started!!

The challenges right now seem to be tags!!  Well, truth be told, I normally make mine but was thinking not this year....But...guess again, if I want to participate with these challenges baby - make the tags!!  so, here's the first one of the season!!  Actually, I just started wrapping tonight and only what I had to go out of town to deliver this weekend!  It's all good - I added some glitter glue on this Daisy digi to give it some bling!  I like simple tags - the black white and a tint of blue - loving it!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's make lemonade!

I was thinking the exact same thing today!!  I'd rather not go into why.,...but- I was thinking today - there is so much to be thankful for - it's hard sometimes to realize that!! thru some lemons at me today and I grabbed the blender and made me a nice cold lemonade....BTW - that's me - if you noticed my profile - dark curly hair!!  Too funny - I didn't have the Simply Cart - although, it is at the top of my list!!  Anyway - hope you enjoy - I haven't given my cricut much love lately so it felt good to play with her!

Not a Creature was Stirring.....

I think this guy is the cutest little critter!!  When I saw the phrase on another challenge (of which I was too late) -- I thought - I'm doing this one anyway!!  I thought he was the cutest thing and reminded me of the "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse".  Anyway - I don't know that he's going anywhere soon.  He may be part of next year's stash.  He'll be fun to look at all year - get me a jump on next year -

A time to Celebrate...

This is a time to celebrate and be thankful for what we have and how we live.  One thing I am celebrating is life!  We are so lucky to be here and we are so lucky to have memories of those we no longer have here with us.  We celebrate their life and the life they are now living in a better place.  It's an emotional time for a lot of us who have lost close ones but we need to celebrate their lives.  This is a card I sent to a client who recently lost their spouse. 

Bah! Humbug! My wrapping's not done!

Ok - I was great - bought some gifts starting in August - went out black friday and finished it off with the exception of stuffers!!  Well, that was almost a month ago - now my tree is up and not decorated, nothing wrapped and this weekend we start family Christmas' that are a few hours away!!  My favorite - I get to see my "Bestie" - Hey Valerie - what's up BFF??? Well, so here's how I'm feeling right now!


Doesn't he look like he's gonna get in some real mischief!!  He's saying warm winter wishes but he's got the devil in his eyes!!  He's all ready with his snowballs to great you!!  I've sent out all my Christmas cards with the exception of a few straglers!!  I think they'll all make it this week!!  I have a couple of local and some hand deliveries with a box of candy!!  I'm gonna start right now for next year- this was too stressful trying to make 100 handmade cards!!  I hope my family, friends and clients appreciate them - I think they mean so much more!! Holiday is approaching and man am I not ready!!  So, I better jump and get some stuff done!!

Yet another box?!?!?

Well, I'm back - my laptop was giving me grief and I refused to go to one of the other 3 computers - told the BF fix it!!  He's an attorney but a guru on the computer!!  Anyway - on to the card/box - well - I decided winter represents and means the holidays - especially Christmas!  Hey - this young lady is usually siting on a chimney - i changed her to be sitting on a present!!  She's shouting to everyone wishing them holiday cheer!!  Fun stuff - I've been on a roll - my daughter needed boxes/gifts for her teachers (5 of them) so I thought - a small costume jewelry wrapped in a cute box!!  As you can see on the side - I used the fiskars again - I think it gives such a great touch.  I colored her with my copics, a little glitter glue and she's done - stuff it with tissue and a bracelet and she's off to school.  Again, thanks for your patience - I was MIA for a day or so.    (plus so incredibly busy)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Buds!! Wintery Girl!

Does she look like the epitomy of winter or what???  I love this little girl by baby bud designs! She has the sweetest simple digis. They're especially for a quick card!  I made her a little winter girl - simple setting with my Nesties - simple colors, etc/.  She's got glitter on her "buttons" and her "hat".  Too cute yet simple - thanks for popping in!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Release Bloghop!!!

I am so excited to tell you about our new line being released at DZ Doodles!!  What fun!!  Everyone loves to get in on the "new stuff".  Well, this blog hop will last from Dec. 15th - 18th as an introduction to the new line of digis from DZ Doodles - they are down at the bottom of the post. When you go thru the rest of the hop you will see the great cards the rest of the design team has created as inspiration.  You will need to leave a comment and the winner will be chosen and posted on Dec. 20th. The winner will be able to choose 3 images from the new release of their choice!  Not bad huh??  So, check out my project to the left and below - then head on over to Pascale and see what she's come up with!!!  But make sure you notice - I didn't make a card - that's a gift box!! If you look at the second photo you can see I even used my fiskars border punch on the top! It fits A2 size cards, candy, etc etc.  Have fun and don't forget to leave a comment!
Here is the blog hop list...
JUELMARIE - (you are here)
New Releases!!!

My Pink Stamper's Color Challenge!

Ok - this is one of my most favorite cards!!  I love Hello Kitty and I remember doing these before and thot - hello - pinks and blues and black!!  Perfection.  So...I drummed up another one - always different colors because it depends on my scraps.  Sometimes it actually looks like I picked the colors!!  I love her-isn't she the cutest and best- reminds me when my daughter first got her license and got in the car and drove away.  Wow - seems like so long ago!!!  Well, I have one more coming up but not for 5 years - thank Goodness!!!  Anyway - thanks Robyn for the challenge - love your blog!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Cute for Words!

The innocence in this face is too precious for words!!  This was supposed to be a sketch/color and anything but a card - but I ran with a card.'s all good - I'll do another "something" with the digi.  I just love the details in this digi - too fun!!  I also used the sketch for a couple challenges - Thanks ladies for keeping me hopping!!!

All that Glitters ......

All that glitters is gold.....or is it!?!?  Well, I tried using gold and yellow gold.  I used my cuttlebug folder for the background and my nesties for the digi.  Creative memories star punch and MS loop border.  I used all the machines except the "bug".  I like the glittery of the gold.  The digi is from Meljens.  Their new challenge made me want the reindeers (I'm a marketers dream) so - I've ordered it - but I already made this card!!!

Hey Cupcake!

Ok - No designer paper!! Well, that was a lot to ask for - so I took Simplicity to the nth degree.  I used the negative on a nestie cut and added a nestie cut on my digi.  A little sentiment, which I found so appropriate, and it was complete.  The pear color was in the ribbon and "kinda" the ink.  I didn't have the exact color.  So, I improvised.   It's nice when we're doing so many christmas cards to stray off the beaten path!!  This could be birthday or a just Hi! card.  As always - thanks for popping by.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tiddlyinks Come a Carolling!! Fa La La La La!!!!

This little girl reminds me of my daughter when she's signing - she always does the "jazz hands" for the effect!!  This is little girl is singing her heart out about the upcoming Chirstmas!!!  The notes are below - a bit "askew" but she's trying to keep in key!!  Fun stuff - I decided to tackle this challenge last minute.  I had printed out this digi and said ok - what the heck - one more before I go to bed.  So much to do to get ready for Christmas and all I can think of is "playing"!!!! Ok - tomorrow I buckle down and get stuff done!

Winter Wonderland Princess

Is she the cutest princess or what - She's the princess of winter wonderland!  I think she's just adorable - the glitter doesn't show up well but her robe has glitter on the trim - she has some bling all around - I used my nestie to cut her out and dcwv paper!!  There are little pearls on her crown.  I'm exhausted from a long weekend of soccer - hope to see ya' back here tomorrow!!!  Take care and go have fun!!

LPS Sunshine! Sketch

Sunshine is what we need sometimes and sometimes it comes in the funniest ways!!  It could be a friend that brings it into our lives!! It's not always the big bright thing in the sky!!  During the holidays we need to make sure we spread that sunshine to all our friends and families.  Sometimes we don't realize that someone needs it ..... so, spread it and don't ask questions - just send it out to everyone you know!  This was a Little Paper Shop Digi and sketch!  Simple but hope it gets the message across!

A Day for Daisies with a Sketch!!

I think this little girl from a Day for Daisies is just the cutest digi!  I had a sketch challenge so -- I decided to combine them.  The sketch challenge takes a lot of the guess work out of the design.  At least, I think so.  I colored her and sparkled her with a little Sakura glitter pen.  The bling is just a must.  I added some chipboard button I had been wanting to use and of course some nestabilities, oval cutters, geez!  I used a lot of tools.  SU pumches.   What else is in my arsenal???  Oh - my Cricut - didn't use it!  Well, I hope you enjoy - tomorrow most of these cards are going out - we're getting down to the wire!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This was a freebie quote from Digis with Attitude - man that place is really growing on me!!  I decided to combine it with a freebie from my favorite digis - DZ Doodles (of which I am a designer).  I thought it was cute to have Santa checking his list and say "seriously?"  like he just can't believe his eyes!!  Anyway - I love putting a little twist in the mix!!  This is also a sketch challenge so - combining my challenges!!  Right on!! Well, tomorrow's another day of soccer - uniforms are clean and ready to go and gotta get to bed!! So - good night!  Enjoy!!

Wrapped in a day for daisies!!

The challenge was to give her your best wrapping - I love this digi from A Day for Daisy - she's wrapped in elegance with this glittery (not sure you can tell) wrap!  She has a blingy stone for her earing and some old time "rouge".  She's on some Christmas paper and in some of the traditional colors!!  and with the look she's saying "Ho Ho Ho"!  Simple to color because her "stole" was primarily glitter glue!!  I wanted it to be a white boa type wrap...and an attitude to match....

A Sketch w/a Color Combo - Think Red White and Black!

Well, I've been all day at the soccer fields and was totally having withdrawals from my room!!  Luckily - I had made some cards last night without coloring- I find that it goes so much faster when I find a sketch challenge and then combine it with the coloring/digi later.Well, I love the Sparkle Creations Stamps - I'm so into the digis that I've gotta get those stamps out!!  It's almost sinful because I have so many.  I'm just starting to collect my Sparkle Stamps!  The sketch was from the Stamping Bazaar but I mixed up the imagine and didn't want to redo them - so don't worry TSB - the cupcake girl is on another -coming later tonight or tomorrow. 

Use Glitter is the Challenge-

Well, this technique is about as glittery as you can get - You stamp your image on a transparency, then use the glitter puzzle technique on the card itself - the transparency is attached on top of the glitter puzzle and you have a glittery card.  I like it!!  It's a lot of work - go to Split Coast and you can see the tutorial on it!