Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Everyone!

I've been absent for a very good reason.  My youngest wasn't feeling well last week - stomach flu (we thought)  Friday she was doubled over - I ran her to urgent care - finally figured it out - Her appendix has burst (not sure when)  I've been in the hospital with her - it was a mess they said - she's on the road to recovery - it'll be a bit -

As any true crafter to keep busy - I left the hospital for an hour on Saturday and got a "carry-all" with stuff!  I've got to stay busy - I've been reading a book (which i finished) and I have made some things - they will be simple as I don't have everything - but don't give up on me - hopefully, I'll get some things posted this evening or tomorrow!

Any prayers would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks and everyone take care!  I will be back!


  1. ohh poor lil baby. I sure hope she is starting to feel better. Hang in there and lots of love and prayers coming your way

  2. Sorry to hear that!! Hope she gets better real soon!