Friday, February 11, 2011

X Marks the spot!

I have wanted to make one of these for a while -- well, I decided to make this finally.  Wow - I used the tutorial on Split Coast!!  Wow - so incredibly easy!!  I so loved it - I'm not sure I'll post them - but I was on a roll after this one - I used the bugaboo image for this book mark.  This is for my mama and she's always been a seamstress, crocheter, etc.  I guess that's where I got the crafty thing from.  She used to do a lot of this stuff to make extra $ because she was a stay at home mom - but that's what most moms did in the 60's.  I had a good time making this - my mama is an avid reader and i believe she'll get a kick out of this!! 

Challenge - Catch the Bug!,


  1. so adorable - she will love it!
    thanks for joining us at Phindy's Place (-:

  2. Such a sweet bookmark!
    Thank you for joining us and taking the Phindy’s Place Challenge, do hope you’ll join us again this Friday!